Tuesday, 26 June 2012

OMG ! :(

hello CRUEL WORLD :) iloveyouu !    thankyouu for this heartbreaking day on my one month anniversary with FAZLAN    

I'm afraid but I have to say that I'm SINGLE now :( no , not single ! DIVORCED ! i was divorced by  EVIL him on our first month . and proudly I want to say for him   FUCK OFF ! you're USELESS ! 

sampai hati mu kasi begitu ak dua kali :') thankyouu so damn much SAYYYAANNNGGGG ~   
klw kau BOSAN ma ak , CAKAP SAK   i tak marah punye , but I will make you JEALOUS FOR DUMPING ME LIKE A TRASH !   SUMPAH , I tak CURANG pun sama kauu sial :D if you've seen my message with boys on FACEBOOK , SORRY ! none of them melt my heart actually , I only like to PLAY with them :3 and if you are ANGRY when I gave my phone number to them , WELL SORRY DEAR :(   

I'm BREATHING FOR YOU   maybe I do can live without you . but will you see me SUFFERING without you ? :') will you ? maybe I'm just STUPID ENOUGH for you , and EASY for you to take my heart :'( DAMN ! why I'm so so so STUPID ?! 

but if that is your decision , you leave me no choice but accepting you decision :) bertepuk sebelah tangan takkan menjadi shyg , so I'm gonna let you go and shut ! let me GO !   :(


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