Saturday, 21 April 2012

I love you :|

as I said just now . I'll find another better than you rite capital S ? =.= here's I met up with my ex AL :) my big sister says than he's a weirdo for putting earrings and colouring his hair . I don't it's awkward to be in love with the crazy guy :| but who cares , for me , his definitely cute  and I want to be his forever :| I wish -,- 

this is him , AL :D quite heart pumping rite ? seeing his picture then suddenly you fall for him isn't ? :p it's a lie if you say that his not cute or something funny about him :p but I don't care that  , for me . he is mine :D ♥ 

dear him : you are mine and I love you ♥ -.-

I know on my facebook wall there's no relationship thing . but that is not the only prove my love to him ♥ auuww , I love you hby syg :D atok atok :p  sayaangggg kau taukk -.- 

okayy laa , I love him , sayaangg sii purple satuu niehh . 
byee , ak mauu off , mau makan lagi :) byee orangg :p

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