Saturday, 21 April 2012

seriously :|

I think I can't undo a single thing by now . and I'm going to far away , way too far then ever :| this is the first time I'm doing this thing and I lovin' it :D and it sucks that I can't undo or say something hurt to him -,- I'm way to far menn , OMG , what to do ? :|

this is the first time I do this thing :| my heart says it's the right thing but my brain kept saying that I'm making a big mistake :/  but , I think . let me listen to my heart for him :D for my darling future husband :D Iloveyou dear hubby chubby , and it means every thing from you to me (╥﹏╥) you are mine and I love you forever dear , I've died everyday waiting for you . but it's not tired for me because I love you :3 

HAHAHAH HAA HAA , penat suda ak berspeking , shitt laa bodo :p tp hebat jugaa ak berjiwang dalam english ne kan ? rite ? :p super awesome ak nihh , dgn happiness ku lagi sekarang nih . ohh well , super darn fucking happy being his girlfriend :D

but sekarangg , diaa sayangg ku bilang dia ngantok , mau tidoo . ohh okayy , but my heart says OBJECTION ! HAHAHA , I still need you dumb head -,- 

HAHAHA , okayy . I can't stop my happiness by now . so I want to sleep and wake up felling awesome tomorrow and had the tittle of "in relationship" HAHAH , btw , I love you purple guy :D  

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